An Alabama Moon is rising above the Shoals!

Watt Key is confirmed to appear at the Reader Riot!

You may have heard of a little book called Alabama Moon. It’s taught across the country as a way to get reluctant boys to read, and once they do, they’re hooked. Girls, too. In fact, everyone seems to love Alabama Moon–young, old, Southern, Northern, whatever. Time Magazine even ranked it in the “100 Best Young Adult Novels of All Time.”

Think about that. All time. All. Time. Forever. Of all the books ever written.

So we think it’s a pretty awesome thing that we have the author, Watt Key, coming to the Reader Riot in April. And you know what’s even more awesome? He’s Alabama born and raised! Yep, he’s representing us super well, don’t ya think?

And Alabama Moon isn’t his only book, either. He’s got four others you can check out, not the least of which is the followup to Alabama Moon called Dirt Road Home.

When the bio on his website says he grew up with a swamp behind his house, how can you not want to read his books?

Make sure you check out the Watt Key featured guest page to learn more about him, and put April 28th and 29th on your schedule so you can meet him (and all our other amazingly stupendous guests) at the Reader Riot.

watt key author photo