Dr. Ed Bridges

Dr. Ed Bridges - Reader Riot Featured Guest

Scheduled Appearance:

Friday, April 28th – 2:00pm (author talk), 3:00pm (book signing)

Author Bio!

Dr. Ed Bridges served as the director of the Alabama Department of Archives and History for thirty years, and is the coauthor of Georgia’s Signers and the Declaration of Independence. With Alabama’s bicentennial coming up right around the corner, Dr. Bridges is heading up the Alabama Bicentennial Commission’s steering committee to make sure our state’s 200th birthday is happy enough to sing about.

His newest book, Alabama: The Making of an American State, was published by the University of Alabama Press, and is a fantastic lead up to the state-wide bicentennial celebration in 2018.

Selected Works

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Additional information about Dr. Bridges can be found here.