Dr. Ralph Voss

Dr. Ralph Voss - Reader Riot Book Festival Featured Guest
Photo Credit: The Birmingham News - Beverly Taylor

Scheduled Appearance:

Saturday, April 29th – 1:00pm (author talk), 2:00pm (book signing)
LOCATION: 116 E Mobile

Author Bio!

Dr. Ralph Voss is the author of Truman Capote and the Legacy of ‘In Cold Blood’, and it’s a perfect fit because he is not only from Kansas (where the events of In Cold Blood occurred), but has also spent the past 31 years teaching at the University of Alabama (Truman Capote is one of Alabama’s native sons). We are terribly excited to have Ralph with us to discuss the enduring appeal of not only Capote, but how In Cold Blood redefined so much about criminal work and how his relationship to Harper Lee, another of Alabama’s literary greats, made it all possible.

Selected Works