35 Communication Paper Topics and Writing Guide

Communication is a field of academics that deals with using media such as sound, visual representation, and sensory stimulation to send a message. Communication focuses on the interaction between various groups and the imparting of information from one individual to another.

However, because of its broad application in many areas, it can be difficult to think of a topic for a communication paper. Communication students are usually given a range of papers to write. Essays, theses, theoretical assignments, and analysis reports are some examples of these papers. To prepare a well-structured communication analysis paper, the right research and grammar are always important.

This article will highlight a list of communication paper topics and a comprehensive guide on how to write a communication theory paper.

What is a communication research paper?

Communication research papers encompass different types of writing that are related to researching communication. Communication research papers may span various disciplines related to communication. To prepare a research paper on communication, it is important to know where to get the right information and how to go about writing it into a paper.

Elements of a good communication paper

A good communication paper is built with a five-part structure. The introduction, literature review, context, methods, findings, and conclusion. The introduction of every research paper on communication is a provision of the basis for the research paper and outlines the aims and objectives of that particular topic. The literature review is a very important part of any communication analysis paper. This is because it covers the content of different papers that had been previously done to research that particular topic. For the context, it is fairly important to include it in papers that have no extensive previous research. Context helps to build an understanding and enunciate important points.

Furthermore, it makes it easier for people in other fields to read your paper. When you proceed to use your methods, you’ll be required to provide insight into how you prepared your communication research. This discusses the analytical methods and how you gathered the information you used in your paper. Findings are the representation of the results that were gotten from the methods you used. Finally, the conclusion discusses the results from your findings and draws out a way that it can be applied to the target audience.

Tips for writing a short communication paper

Writing a communication paper is something you can do with the right tools and knowledge. You can effectively write a communication paper by following the tips listed below:

  • Start by following all your school’s requirements.
  • Read through multiple related research topics to determine the best way to write yours and the proper information to use.
  • Ask for help from your supervisor.
  • Ensure that any correction you make is immediately included in your work.
  • Attend conferences and get copies of journals to help with your research.

Business communication topics for research paper

  1. The theory and practice of negotiation
  2. The impact of leadership on communication
  3. Relationship between employees: ethics and peculiarities
  4. How to interpret gestures during job selection processes
  5. Business communication: a study on reflection and perception
  6. How to manipulate someone’s mind
  7. Proper management of business correspondence

General communication research paper topics

  1. Personality variations and the impact on negotiation methods
  2. The role of public relations in the development of successful businesses
  3. Critical methods for handling fake news
  4. Practical communication techniques for the growth of close bonds
  5. Use of email for business communications
  6. Horizontal and downward communication has changed over time in the business environment
  7. The effects of regular social media use on human behavior

Intercultural communication topics research paper

  1. The emergence of and the existence of cultural identity in the modern world
  2. How can the state’s culture be recognizable in terms of the nation’s image?
  3. How do corporate etiquette and cultural considerations affect diplomatic negotiations?
  4. Can the diaspora have a significant role in promoting the cultural identity of one state in another nation?
  5. Reasons for intercultural conflicts and examples that are clear
  6. The best approach to smudge cultural boundaries is through the global unification of law
  7. How to tackle the positive and negative aspects of cultural barriers

Interpersonal communication paper topics

  1. Interpersonal relationships and deception
  2. Conflicts and methods of resolving them
  3. Power in relationships: abuse of power in communication
  4. Personal interaction in professional interactions
  5. Kinesics and gestures
  6. Interactions in the mind
  7. Impression control

Research paper topics for communication majors

  1. Institutional abuse of national and ethnic minorities: what to say and how to do it using slander
  2. The escape from real-life communication mass and augmented reality fear of authorities, paranoia, and a lack of confidence when speaking with them
  3. Observational eyes in private communication
  4. Human values in modern digital communication and their absence
  5. Lies and catfishing in the wild world of chat apps
  6. Yellow journalism and its social role
  7. Privacy in social networking


A good communication paper should be properly structured and researched to portray the intentions of the writer.

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