Research Topics to Choose From

If you are in high school or college, a research paper is one of the more challenging tasks you will ever encounter. These papers are often given because teachers know that their students’ research and writing skills can be honed while learning much about the topic. Students, however, do not usually appreciate the process until after submission.

The first and arguably most important step is selecting a topic.  Though students are often given the chance to choose what they like, because the whole research process is not enticing, selecting a topic can be difficult.

If you are having a hard time with your research paper topic, read on to learn more.

#1 Go with what interests you

Though you might not enjoy your class (e.g. history, literature, philosophy), you can still select something you do like if you just spend time thinking creatively. For example, in philosophy, you might want to see if comic books today espouse a particular philosophical thought. For history, you might study the accuracy of how ninjas are portrayed in the movies.

Going for what interests you will make the research process more enjoyable as you will have more fun as you search and write.

#2 Check for sufficient resources

Something that may prevent you from researching what you like is if you don’t have enough resources. Research papers often need a minimum of three sources per argument. So as you browse online or in the library, ensure you have enough to support your research. Otherwise, you will need some contingencies. 

Some topics for you

In case you have tried wracking your brain but haven’t chosen anything yet, you can consider one of the following:

  • Will virtual tours ever replace actual trips to exotic locations?
  • The similarities and differences between Abraham Lincoln and JFK
  • The contributions of Genghis Khan’s conquests to Europe
  • Are teachers today spoon-feeding their students?
  • How is the cattle industry destroying our world?
  • How can overfishing be stopped?
  • Is social media making business owners more conscious about their social responsibility?
  • How are some businesses able to survive despite offering employees a month’s leave every year?
  • Are bank employees managing their personal money well?
  • Is obesity in young adults today because of their parents’ unhealthy habits?
  • Do teens today have lesser memorization abilities because of gadgets?
  • How can a person tell if they are really prepared to raise a child?
  • Is it easier or more difficult today to be a successful novelist?
  • Are teachers doing their part to identify students who are victims of domestic abuse?
  • Is the media to blame for the rise in substance abuse among teens and young adults?
  • Should religion become a mandatory class in high school to instill values?
  • What happens to amateur athletes if they don’t make it to the pros?
  • Is sex education at school helping students or making them even more curious?


As the initial step in any research project, selecting a topic is very crucial. Hopefully, the pointers above and sample topics can help you choose something for your paper this semester. Happy writing!