Announcing Tim Crothers, Author of “The Queen of Katwe”

We are incredibly excited to announce the Reader Riot’s next featured guest: Tim Crothers! Yaaaay! Tim. Is. Awesome.

He used to write for a very tiny publication called Sports Illustrated, and his newest work, The Queen of Katwe, was recently released by another tiny company called…ummm…what was it again? Oh, that’s right: Disney! You heard me right. The Disney. Mouseketeers, musicals and the happiest-place-on-Earth Disney.

Crothers is a majorly accomplished sportswriter (if his SI cred didn’t clue you in), and he currently works as a journalism professor. So he kind of knows his stuff. Maybe. If, you know, you trust companies like Disney and Sports Illustrated to hire people with talent.

And not only has Disney adapted The Queen of Katwe for the big screen, they cast one of their most talented actresses in the movie, too! Star Wars’ very own Lupita Nyong’o. If you’re not familiar with her as Maz Kanata in The Force Awakens, maybe you’ve heard of the movie she won an Oscar for: 12 Years A Slave. 

Like Crothers himself, she’s kind of a big deal.

All joking aside, Tim Crothers is awesome, and we are extraordinarily excited to have Tim join us as we riot. The festival definitely wouldn’t be the same without him. The Shoals is gonna get that much more awesome because he’s here.

If you’re interested, and we know you are (because how could you not be?), head on over to our Tim Crothers guest page and poke around.

You’ll find his full author bio, links to some of his Sports Illustrated, ESPN Magazine, and New York Times articles.

So get on with the clicky-clicky! And be sure to sign up for our newsletter so when we have a schedule of Tim’s events ready to send out, you don’t miss the announcement.

Until next time, rioters! #wave