The Back Alley Poets fundraiser was a huge success!

Back Alley Poets smashed our expectations!

With over 50 people in attendance, the Back Alley Poets fundraiser seriously got the word out about the Reader Riot book festival.

MC’d by Camille Goldston Bennett and performed by a range of poets from all over North Alabama, every word that was spoken at 116 E Mobile was a powerful reminder to everyone in attendance of both social issues and how words can bring us together as a community.

What Alabama event is complete without food?

Thanks to Whiskey Beef, a collaboration between local chefs John Cartwright (Rivertown Coffee Co.) and Josh Quick (Odette), there was a beef-feast for everyone who showed up.

Chef Quick baked up some delightful bread that John made even more wonderful by slathering braised beef with a whiskey gravy (see? Whiskey beef! Get it?) and topping with pickled cauliflower and cheddar cheese.

Beef, beer, and beautiful surroundings!

We can’t talk about the fundraiser without mentioning the amazing beer brewed by Singin’ River Brewing Co. and donated by Wildwood Tavern (which also hosted the fantabulous after party!) or the great set up that Party Pros did so we didn’t eat our dinner off the floor like a bunch of savages.

And no recap of the evening would be complete without spending some time talking about how amazing our venue really was. 116 E Mobile was generous enough to donate their space for Back Alley Poets, and we couldn’t have been happier. The space was small and intimate, which worked well for the atmosphere of the event, and best of all, everyone there got to know each other and the performers.

Between the space, the poetry, and the food, this event was a rousing success. If all the Reader Riot events in the future have this kind of community response, you guys will make our book festival next April more amazing than we could hope for!

Miss the event? Don't worry, we recorded it for you! You're welcome.

Please be aware there is adult content in these videos, and they may not be appropriate for everyone.

Please be aware there is adult content in these videos, and they may not be appropriate for everyone.

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